Rewild Your Heart: Nature Activity Guides for Kids

Hoping to get WILD this summer, but unsure how to safely do so? Let the Wolf Conservation Center's Summer Activity Guides lead you on an exciting adventure - right within your own backyard!

Designed to foster an appreciation for the natural world, the guides encourage outdoor play and exploration through science experiments, wildlife observation and tracking, and nature crafts. The guides are appropriate for children in grades 1-8, and each activity is labeled with a corresponding age group. Of course, the best wildlife explorers are curious so activities can be completed by children even if they don't satisfy the age requirements (but show a desire to learn!).

The guides are broken into weeks 1-8 (for a total of eight guides) but each guide can be completed as a standalone. The themed guides each contain 4-5 activities and step-by-step instructions, along with supplemental games and crafts. Each weekly guide can be purchased for a price of $20. Of course, if you'd like to purchase all eight guides you can do so for a price of $100 - save $60!

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Activity Guides:

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Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
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Week 7
Week 8