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Adopt M1133 (Rhett)

SKU: AD-M1133-N01
One of our most popular Mexican gray wolves, “Rhett” was born at the California Wolf Center in 2008 and has lived an adventurous life. USFWS released him into the wild in 2013 with the hope that he would become the alpha male of Arizona’s Bluestem pack after the previous alpha male was killed. Unfortunately, M1133 failed to capture the attention of the pack’s alpha female so three weeks after his release he was placed back in captivity. While at USFWS’s captive breeding center he was paired with a wild born female and this pair was released in the spring. However, M1133 and his mate traveled in the wrong direction and ultimately ended up near human settlements in an area with very little natural prey. Similar to his previous release and capture, M1133 was once again placed in captivity and he has lived at the WCC ever since. Rhett’s new mate (F810) passed away in March 2015. In the fall of the following year he was introduced to Mexican wolf F1226 and hopefully the pair will contribute to the recovery of their rare species with the birth of pups this spring!
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  • Level 1 ($25): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photo, wolf bio & newsletter
    Level 2 ($50): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photo, wolf bio, newsletter and calendar
    Level 3 ($100): Receive two 8×10 photos, wolf bio, newsletter and T-shirt
    Level 4 ($500): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photos, wolf bios, newsletter, calendar, T-shirt and hat

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