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Adopt M2075

SKU: AD-M2075-N01
Early one morning in May of 2010, red wolf F1397 quietly gave birth to two beautiful boys, M1803 and M1804 (a.k.a. “Moose” and “Thicket”). Thanks to our webcams, a global audience enjoyed watching the elusive boys grow up and then joined our celebratory howls when both wolves were chosen to embark on new adventures beyond the WCC’s boundaries. Red wolf M1804 received the “call of the wild,” and was released on an island off the Florida peninsula. M1803’s adventure kept him closer to home, he was transferred to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo where he struck a love connection and fathered three kiddos of his own – M2075, F2074, and F2073! Because the expanded family outgrew their accommodations at the Zoo, with open arms the WCC welcomed M1803 back and with his new family in tow. On May 2, 2015, M2075 became a big brother and today the multigenerational family of nine unknowingly educate a global audience of webcam watchers about the importance and plight of their rare species.
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  • Level 1 ($25): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photo, wolf bio & newsletter
    Level 2 ($50): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photo, wolf bio, newsletter and calendar
    Level 3 ($100): Receive two 8×10 photos, wolf bio, newsletter and T-shirt
    Level 4 ($500): Receive certificate of adoption, 8×10 photos, wolf bios, newsletter, calendar, T-shirt and hat

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