Sponsor a Wolf Dad for Father’s Day

Wolves are essential. So are dads.

Show your love and appreciation for the father in your life by sponsoring one of the Wolf Conservation Center's critically endangered red wolf and Mexican gray wolf dads! For just $20 receive an emailed certificate to gift to the father figure in your life.

Meet the Dads

  • Sam (M1784) - Red wolf Sam is an experienced father who's mastered the art of keeping his family united during challenging times. Now parenting on his own following the passing of his mate Veronica in 2021, Sam has shown resilience and courage. He’s a loving and attentive father to his five adult children who still reside “at home.”
  • Diego (M1059) - Diego has one child, Trumpet, but the Mexican gray wolf is most proud of his newest title - grandfather! A huge fan of pups, Diego is incredibly honored to have 10 grandpups, including two wild pups! Learn more.
  • Lighthawk (M1564) - This handsome Mexican gray wolf is the youngest father at the WCC but he's also one of the most experienced; Lighthawk and his mate, Trumpet, welcomed three pups in 2018, five pups in 2019, and three pups in 2022. And boy, can little pups be exhausting! Luckily, Lighthawk is patient, caring, and devoted to his family. Enjoy a brief glimpse into his daily life.
  • Rhett (M1133) -  Mexican gray wolf Rhett is proof that with age comes wisdom. He has helped raise six kids and is skillfully teaching them how to be great wild wolves: stay out of sight, be cautious, and always be wild.
  • Alléno (M1198) - Not every wolf expects to father a child (or children) one day. Alléno was introduced to Mexican gray wolf Rosa in 2017 and while we were hoping the pair would get along, we didn't expect them to get along that well! The pair welcomed nine pups in 2018 and the mom/dad team often run themselves ragged in order to keep up with their rambunctious kiddos. He currently lives with Rosa and their three daughters and every day is filled with excitement and love (and some squabbling). Never a dull moment!

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