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Sponsor a Wolf Mom for Mother’s Day

Wolves are essential. So are moms.

Show your love and appreciation for the mother in your life by sponsoring one of the Wolf Conservation Center's critically endangered red wolf and Mexican gray wolf moms!

Meet the Moms:

  • Belle (F1226) - A delightfully robust Mexican gray wolf, Belle has six children and quickly garnered a large global following when over 300,000 people tuned it to witness her in labor in 2016. She's also notorious for demanding quality "me" time.
  • Trumpet (F1505) - As a young mom (she turned three on May 4), Trumpet enjoys frolicking with her children and is quick to join in a game of chase, but she also values a few stolen moments with her mate Lighthawk.
  • Rosa (F1143) - Rosa is living proof that with age comes wisdom. She's given birth to ten children (the most recent being a litter of nine pups born in 2018) and is quite confident in her skills as a mother and caregiver. She's tender and loving, yet is content to observe the pups' escapades rather than joining in.
  • Charlotte (F2121) - Born at the WCC in 2015, red wolf Charlotte has unknowingly lived in the spotlight her entire life, as a global audience of webcam watchers has been witness to her growth as a wolf and a mother. She launched into motherhood with the birth of four pups in 2018 and she hasn't looked back! Paws crossed Charlotte has more pups this spring.
  • Veronica (F1858) - One of the most elusive wolves at the WCC, red wolf Veronica is rarely seen but her presence is always felt. She's raised ten children under the age of two and is skillfully teaching her kids how to be great wild wolves: stay out of sight, be cautious, and always be wild.

These beautiful matriarchs are the ultimate teachers - leading both their broods and those who they unknowingly inspire with their strength and perseverance. The mothers have beamed into our homes and hearts via webcam – opening the door to understanding the highly social nature of wolves, the benefits of cooperative living, the importance of their endangered kin, and our efforts to recover them.

They call our attention to the things that really matter for wolves – work, love, patience, and family.

Choose a Mom to Sponsor: