Sponsor a Wolf Mom for Mother’s Day

Wolves are essential. So are moms.

Show your love and appreciation for the mother in your life by sponsoring one of the Wolf Conservation Center's critically endangered red wolf and Mexican gray wolf moms! For just $20, you'll receive an emailed certificate that can be given to the fierce and fabulous mother figure in your life.

Note: The certificates are not customized - the recipient's name will not appear on the certificate.

Meet the Moms:

  • Belle (F1226) – Mexican gray wolf Belle has entered the stage of “mom life” where she is once again able to prioritize her own health and well-being. With three adult children still living with her and her mate Rhett, quiet time is a necessity – and Belle is wonderful at enforcing it! She's notorious for demanding quality "me" time. Can any moms relate?
  • Trumpet (F1505) – Arguably the most popular mother at the WCC, Mexican gray wolf Trumpet is expected to welcome her fourth litter of pups this spring. After birthing three pups in 2018, five pups in 2019, and three pups in 2022, the sky is the limit with her fourth litter! Trumpet also has the rare honor of being the biological mom of two wild-dwelling wolves; Hope, her daughter, was cross-fostered into the Saffel Pack in Arizona in May 2019, and her daughter Crumbo was cross-fostered into the Iron Creek Pack in New Mexico in May 2022!
  • Rosa (F1143) - Mexican gray wolf Rosa is the WCC’s oldest female but don’t be fooled by her age – she’s as young as ever! She's given birth to ten children (with three daughters still living at home) and is quite confident in her skills as a mother and caregiver. She also holds the wonderful title of grandmother; seven of her nine grandchildren still live at the WCC!
  • Lava (F2134) – Red wolf Lava is the WCC’s has had two brushes with motherhood. Her journey reminds us that mothers experience many challenges and obstacles, but their love for their children knows no bounds.
  • Sage (F2061) - Red wolf Sage could be the WCC's newest mother. We observed several mating ties between Sage and her mate, Jacques, so we're hopeful that a physical manifestation of their love (pups!) arrives this spring!

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