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Did You Know?

Wolves are built to move through snow with ease - large front paws allow them to walk on snow, while an extremely narrow chest makes it more efficient to run through deep snow.

WCC's Artist of the Month - July 2013

The WCC's artist of the month program is a collaboration between the Center and artists whose work we admire and who share our philosophy about the importance of wolves and the preservation of their environment. Artists who participate have generously agreed to donate a portion of the sales proceeds for their month to the WCC. We hope you'll check out their amazing work and perhaps even support us by supporting their artistic endeavors. 

Raynor Czerwinski | July 2013


Our inaugural artist is Raynor Czerwinski, a photographer whose connection to the natural world is obvious in his other-worldly landscapes. You can explore his amazing work on his website: http://lucidlandscape.com/  Raynor will donate a portion of his July 2013 online sales to the Wolf Conservation Center. 

An avid outdoorsman and traveler, Raynor settled in Crested Butte, Colorado, which afforded him the opportunity to live in the mountains and take advantage of the amazing interplay between light and scenery. When not traveling, he explores his expansive "backyard" on foot and mountain bike, favoring a medium format camera and supersaturated Velvia film. Though landscapes are a specialty, Raynor's empathy and eye for composition are also evident in his portraiture and street photography involving people and animals. His work has run on magazine covers, been used in advertising campaigns, and is on display in the Ingham Fine Art Gallery and other establishments in Crested Butte.