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Get Wildly Romantic for Valentine's Day!


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Looking for a unique way to say "I love you" to that special person? Hoping to find a gift that represents how they bring out your animalistic side? Sponsor one of our critically endangered mating pairs for a wildly romantic present!

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) participates in Species Survival Plans (SSPs) designed to recover critically endangered red wolves and Mexican gray wolves, both of which were at one point extinct in the wild. As part of these plans, the WCC pairs red wolves and Mexican gray wolves for breeding season each year in the hopes that they will contribute to the growth of their endangered populations with pups. This year, the WCC is home to FIVE potential breeding pairs!

Wolves, in a manner very similar to (most) humans, are monogamous, meaning they mate for life. They form bonds that are resilient and romantic, spending weeks cultivating a relationship that is not only crucial to their survival, but the survival of their species. 

Recipients will receive an online certificate of their sponsorship. Certificates will be emailed to the email address provided upon completion of the sponsorship process. View sample sponsorship certificate.

Please contact the WCC (914-763-2373) with any questions or concerns about the sponsorship process.


M1606 (Jack) and F2121 (Charlotte) - THE BABY BOOMERS

M1606 edit web small F2121 edit small

These "boomers" have only lived together for a year, but they quickly proved that love doesn't follow any rules. Within a few months of living together, F2121 welcomed the pair's first litter of pups on April 19, 2018 - 3 boys and 1 girl. Their union has only grown stronger with the addition of kids, as the F2121 and M1606 are frequently spotted resting together while their children romp about the enclosure. We're confident that another litter of pups will only increase their bond!



M1133 (Rhett) and F1226 (Belle) - THE MODERN COUPLE

M1133 lobo stare edit small F1226 belle edit small

This dynamic duo is one of the WCC's most famous pairs and they're quite fertile (how romantic!). The pair produced litters in 2016 and 2017 but this year they're going about it in a more... scientific way.

M1133 and F1226 have been separated for breeding season and F1226 will be artificially inseminated with frozen semen. The procedure, which provides a wealth of options for creating a more genetically diverse Mexican wolf population and allows for the pair's adult pups and yearlings to remain with the family, will hopefully prove fruitful with this loving pair! After all, there are many ways to have pups - not all of them involve doing it "wolfy"-style!


M1564 (Lighthawk) and F1505 (Trumpet) - YOUNG PARENTS

M1564 lighthawk edit logo small 9 trumpet calendar 3x4 small

Every species has one - the gorgeous couple that seems to have it all. Beautiful enclosure? Check. Gourmet (roadkill deer) meals? Check. Perfect relationship? Check.

M1564 and F1505 are one of the WCC's youngest pairings but that doesn't mean they're not one of the best! F1505 gave birth to the pair's first pups on April 30, 2018 in front of a global audience of webcam watchers and the young family quickly became one of the most entertaining to watch. After all, having three pups can be a bit chaotic, but with the potential for more on the way? Get ready for an exciting few months!



M1059 (Diego) and F1435 (Magdalena) - THE NEWLYWEDS

M1059 howl sm Magdalena vertical sm

Many of the WCC's potential breeding pairs have experience raising pups but F1435 is a (potential) first-time mom! The young female has been living with M1059 for some time but this year, the pair could potential produce a litter of pups. Although F1435 hasn't raised pups of her own, M1059 is an experienced father and we're confident that, if given the opportunity, he'll once again embrace the exciting role of "dad."



M1198 (Alleno) and F1143 (Rosa) - PROFESSIONAL PARENTS

M1198 8x10 2 small F1143 edit small

M1198 and F1143 made history on May 8, 2018 when F1143 gave birth to the WCC's largest litter of pups to date - 9 healthy little lobos! The large family of 11 has certainly had their challenges - fighting over the remaining antler, clamoring for one-on-one time with mom, etc. - but they're only become stronger! Paws crossed that this family grows a bit larger in size this coming spring. 

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