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Did You Know?

A wolf's jaws can produce up to 1500 pounds per sq. inch of pressure, compared to the 750 pounds per sq. inch produced by a large dog and the 70 pounds per sq. inch generated by a human.

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Every voice raised in support of wildlife and wild places can make a difference. And when we all work together we can make big things happen. Please consider taking action via the Wolf Conservation Center’s active campaigns below, and join us in our mission to protect and preserve wolves.
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            • Oppose Rider Taking Aim at Endangered Wolves TAKE ACTION NOW

              Damaging anti-wildlife amendments (riders) that undermine Endangered Species Act (ESA) are still in play for the House FY 2019 Interior/EPA appropriations bill - H.R. 6147. One provision goes as far as to remove protection for gray wolves nationwide. 

              This action is open to U.S. residents only.



            • Protect Denali's Wolves zephyrTAKE ACTION NOW


              Research indicates that wolf mortality rates in Alaska's Denali National Park have recently spiked to worrying levels, with the lowest estimated wolf density recorded this year since monitoring began in 1986. Demand a permanent wildlife conservation easement along the northeastern boundary of the park that will protect Denali’s wolves now and for future generations.