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Webcam: Mexican gray wolves M1564 (Lighthawk) and f1505 (Trumpet)

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  • About Lighthawk and Trumpet
    Mexican gray wolves M1564 (Lighthawk) and f1505 (Trumpet) were introduced to each other on a crisp winter day in December 2017. The critically endangered lobos, each born in 2016, share many similar traits except for one glaring difference: M1564 was born in the wilds of Arizona, while f1505 was born in a secluded, spacious enclosure at the WCC. M1564 spent most of his young life roaming the vast terrain of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests as a member of the Hawks Nest Pack but his life as a wild lobo came to a devastating end when he was removed from the wild in the fall of 2017 for attacking livestock. The elusive male was then flown to the WCC via a series of private flights (thanks to the organization Lighthawk) and introduced to a spacious enclosure, where he now resides with f1505. Although M1564 garnered attention for his wild adventures, f1505 is certainly well-known amongst her followers. The young female, born to parents M1059 and F1143 in May 2016, quickly earned herself the nickname “Trumpet”, due to the loud squeaks she made as a pup. Her feisty personality continues to earn her many admirers and it appears as though her “wild” nature is more than a match for M1564. The pair will hopefully produce offspring in the coming months and further contribute to the success and survival of their critically endangered species.