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Webcam: Red Wolves M1784, F1858, & 4 Pups of the Year

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  • Red wolf F1858 (Veronica)
    F1858 (VERONICA) The word “superhero” comes to mind when one thinks of Veronica (F1858). Veronica is considered to be one of the most genetically valuable wolves in the red wolf recovery program, so the birth of her four pups in spring 2017 was met with joyous exclamations from all who value red wolf recovery. Veronica, her mate Sam (M1784), and her four pups journeyed to the WCC in the fall of 2017 from their home at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, N.C. , where they made national headlines last summer when the pups escaped from their enclosure at the zoo (and were safely captured, of course)! What a way to welcome F1858 to the lifelong role of being a mother! Renewing the badge of motherhood, Veronica had a second litter (but a litter of New Yorkers this time!) on April 19, 2018; four boys and two girls who so far have proven to be less naughty. Although the family of 12 resides off-exhibit at the WCC, webcam watchers love watching Veronica go about her day; the feisty female is a voracious eater and is quick to offer support and love to her family when needed. A superhero, indeed
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