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Webcam: Red Wolves F2121, M1606 & Family

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  • About Red Wolves
    In 2004 the WCC was accepted into the Species Survival Plan for the critically endangered red wolf (canis rufus). There are fewer than 300 red wolves in the world making it one of the rarest mammals in North America. The WCC is home to 10 red wolves. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is restoring red wolves to a portion of their traditional range in the southeast United States. Prior to reintroduction the red wolf was extinct in the wild. One of our resident red wolf families occupy an off-exhibit enclosure in the WCC's Endangered Species Facility. These enclosures are private and secluded, and the wolves are not on exhibit for the public. The WCC’s second red pack is on exhibit in the Red Wolf Exhibit which opened in October of 2009. For the first time ever visitors to the WCC are given the opportunity to see this rare an elusive species.

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  • Adopt the Wolves

    How can I adopt these wolves?

    Anyone can adopt one (or all) of our wolves via a direct donation to the Wolf Conservation Center. We offer four levels of donations which come with various perks. Check them out and adopt your favorite WCC wolf or wolves today!

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