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Webcam: Red wolves M2118 (Tyke) and M2119 (MJ)

  • About Tyke and MJ
    Critically endangered red wolf brothers M2118 (Tyke) and M2119 (Moose Jr. or MJ) were born to parents M1803 (Moose) and F1563 (Salty) on May 2, 2015 at the Wolf Conservation Center. Just like human siblings, these brothers have differing and unique personalities. MJ takes on more of a dominant role, tending to be bold and innately curious; cautiously investigating anything unfamiliar. On the other hand, MJ’s brother Tyke is a fun-loving jokester, often luring his brother in playful romps. While the WCC has been a vocal and visible advocate in trying to protect and preserve critically endangered red wolves, the center is also active in physically safeguarding representatives of the extremely rare species that have been entrusted to its care. With less than 30 red wolves in the wild, the WCC is one of 43 facilities in the U.S. participating in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) – a breeding and management program whose primary purpose is to support the reestablishment of red wolves in the wild through captive breeding, public education, and research.

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    How can I adopt these wolves?

    Anyone can adopt one (or all) of our wolves via a direct donation to the Wolf Conservation Center. We offer four levels of donations which come with various perks. Check them out and adopt your favorite WCC wolf or wolves today!

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