WCC Wildlife Conservation Awards


The Wolf Conservation Center offers grants to support projects and research that are in line with our mission.  We are proud to have awarded grants and support to the following projects:

Voyageurs Wolf Project

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in and around Voyageurs National Park in the iconic Northwoods border region of Minnesota, USA.

Gulf Coast Canid Project

The red wolf is one of the most endangered canids in the world with less than 20 wild individuals persisting in an introduced population in North Carolina and >200 individuals in a captive breeding program. Conservation efforts have focused exclusively on the reintroduced and captive populations which were assumed to be the only red wolves left in the world, but a recent discovery of red wolf hybrids along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana has changed this assumption. The discovery of ghost, or extinct red wolf genes, in hybrid coyotes demonstrates a real possibility that red wolf populations may continue to exist in Texas and Louisiana.