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Wisconsin, Wolves, and What We Can Do

For over a century, wolves were demonized, tortured, shot, and trapped in the U.S. until without understanding the serious ecological consequences, we almost totally exterminated wolves in most of their former range. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) gave us a chance to right our past wrongs. With second chances so hard to come by, why are we throwing this one away?

In Wisconsin, the wolf hunting/trapping season began on Oct 15th and 181 wolves have been killed so far. This represents an average of 11 wolves killed/day.  We cannot give these fallen individuals their lives back, but we still have a chance to prevent opening the door to more killing by telling U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service we oppose it’s proposal to strip ESA protections from wolves nationwide.

Read more and please #StandForWolves today by telling USFWS that you oppose its nationwide delisting plan.  The agency is accepting comments until December 17th.

• Delisting Comment link HERE.
• Talking points HERE.

Thank you and please spread the word!

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One Response to Wisconsin, Wolves, and What We Can Do

  1. samantha Babcock says:

    Well i’m only 14 years old an I been studying wolves sense 5th grade learning their ways in life. I used to have a Husky/Wolf an learned how beautiful an caring they are. I’ve also learned about their food sources an their blood lines, and where they live. They are so beautiful at Beloit Turner Middle School I give speeches about wolves an how their an endanger species an how we can help protect them an keep them safe. Most people don’t see what were doing to this planet an these animals. These animals were here way before we were. We came into their territory an we’re their guest an god gave us the only planet in the solar system to guide an to live on. Look what we are doing destroying their home. I want to be a Wildlife Technician when im older.